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"Aucser has boosted my sales, is Paypal compliant and my customers keep returning for more and more. I love Aucser! You will too!."
Dan Napolitan
eBay Seller



Welcome to Aucser™, the #1 auction promotion system!

Aucser enables eBay and website sellers to create their own custom discount coupons that can be redeemed by their buyers towards the purchase of an item.

It's the ideal way to promote customer loyalty and increase bids!
How it Works

Creating a Coupon
Aucser members can create a working coupon in mere seconds. A coupon value can be dollar ($) or percentage (%) based, and can be set to expire on a certain date or after a certain number of uses. And, of course, coupons can be cancelled at any time. Whether you want to create a $10 discount coupon with 1 use that expires in a week, or a 15% discount coupon with unlimited uses that never expires, it's up to you!

Offering a Coupon
Coupons can be offered to bidders a few different ways. You may choose to email a coupon to specific customer as a "thank you" for prior purchases, or add your customers email addresses to your Aucser address book and send your customers in your address book a coupon, or you may post the Aucser seal in your auction listings as part of a promotion or on your website. From your account when you send automated coupon notifications to your customers that will include a link to your current eBay auctions and you may add a message from you to your customers.

Redemption and Tracking

Coupons are redeemed by your bidders right from the home page. The system will automatically subtract the discount from the total due, and your bidder will be redirected to PayPal to make the discounted payment directly to you. Each time a bidder redeems one of your coupons you will receive an email notice and the usage statistics will be updated in your account.

New Feature! If you click on the Aucser Auction coupon logo (seal) in a ebay sellers listing the ebay item number will be entered automatically in the item box at

Questions? See FAQ then Contact Customer Care.

What's Included

Join Aucser now for just $50.00 Annually !

Included with your membership is the following:

• 24/7 access to your private account page
• Priority member support with the HelpDesk
• UNLIMITED coupons
• INFINITE discount combinations
• FREE coupon notifications
• HTML code for the Aucser seal

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