[UP] What is Aucser?

Aucser is the world's best Coupon system. With Aucser, ebay sellers can create their own custom coupons of any value. Bidders redeem their coupon the next time they pay their seller with PayPal. It's the #1 tool sellers use to reward their past bidders or entice new buyers.

[UP] How does the system work?

Within their account, sellers can create their own coupons and send out automatic notifications to their customers or they can add the Aucser Auction Coupon logo in to their ebay auction listings. When a bidder pays their seller with PayPal, they visit the Aucser site, redeem their coupon, and are redirected to PayPal to pay their seller the remaining amount due. Aucser coupons can be use for websites, online shops, auction sites and where ever the seller would like to use them.

[UP] How do I redeem an Aucser coupon?

From the home page simply enter your coupon code, the ebay item number (if you clicked on the Aucser coupon logo in sellers listing the ebay item number will be entered automatically) and the total amount due,
to your seller (usually the item total plus shipping charges). You will have a chance to confirm your total before proceeding to PayPal to submit the reduced payment to your seller.

[UP] Can I use my coupon with any seller?

Coupons are created by individual sellers specifically for their own auctions. If you are dealing with a seller who doesn't offer Aucser coupons, be sure to tell them about us!

[UP] What payment options do I have?

After you redeem your coupon you will be redirected to PayPal.com to submit payment to your seller. Aucser is fully integrated and compliant with PayPal. PayPal supports all major credit cards, e-checks, and bank transfers.

[UP] Why isn't my coupon working?

Be sure your coupon code is typed correctly. Your coupon may have been offered as a limited-time promotion and could have expired or reached it's usage limit. Check with your seller or with the coupon notification you received to be sure.


Why should I offer Aucser coupons?

Offering Aucser coupons to your bidders is an excellent promotional tool used to entice new customers to shop with you instead of a competitor, and to encourage repeat business from your past bidders.

[UP] How do I create my own coupons?

Sellers must be a member of Aucser in order to create and offer Aucser coupons. Click here to join.

[UP] What types of coupons can I create?

Aucser enables you to create almost any kind of coupon. You can choose between a percentage based discount, such as 10%, or a value based discount, such as $10. Your coupon can have unlimited uses and never expire, or have specific use and expiry settings. Login to your account for more information.


How do I give coupons to my customers?

From within your account you can send coupon notifications to your bidders by email, also the email will contain a link to your other ebay listings, or you can post an Aucser coupon logo within your ebay auction listings using the get code button from within your account, just copy the code and paste it in the html of your ebay listing. Please make sure buyers redeem their Aucser coupon berfore paying you.

When a coupon is redeemed by a buyer, the seller will receive details from Aucser of the transaction by email.

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